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IRON-ART furniture in restaurants and hotels

Hand made forged furniture is noted for its long lifetime and resistance against rough handling. We have furnished many restaurants and hotels all over Europe with our highly resistant furniture. Design and dimensions can be adjusted according to your wishes.

Restaurants und hotels furnishings - photogallery

IRON-ART furniture in private homes

New ideas for your home or flat!

Private rooms - photogallery

Miss Czech Republic and Miss World - Tatana Kucharova

Showrooms, exhibitions

You can see the whole collection of IRON-ART forged furniture, lights and accessories on the area of 250 sq. metres right in the centre of Prague.

Papillon - virtual tour
Showrooms, exhibitions - photogallery

IRON-ART furniture for Miss Czech Republic

Thank to the high quality and original design of its products, the IRON-ART company became an exclusive donor of furniture in flats for semi-finalists of a competition Miss Czech Republic. Now you can sleep in the same bed as Miss Czech Republic!

Miss Czech Republic - photogallery