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Forged furniture – IRON ART
Forged furniture – IRON ART
Forged furniture – IRON ART Forged furniture – IRON ART Forged furniture – IRON ART Forged furniture – IRON ART


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Achat meubles en fer forgé sans risque    

How does forged bed come to world

Each bed is hand made to your order. We don´t run any mass production of hundreds of beds at a time, that lay somewhere in storage waiting for consignment. Our hand production and hand forging of all the details result in fact that each bed is in a way original. At the same time we are able to accomplish your special wishes regarding dimensions.

We provide 10 years guarantee which applies to the iron construction of all products.

step 1 - cutting material

Massive iron is cut to right dimensions.

cutting material cutting material

step 2 - hand forging

The most important and most difficult step in the production process. All the
decorative parts are hand forged.

forging forging

step 3 - welding, assembly

The parts of the bed are assembled and welded together.

welding assembly

step 4 - brushing

Welded joints and other rough places are brushed perfectly.

brushing brushing

step 5 - sandblasting

The finished bed is than perfectly cleaned using high pressure in sand blasting

sandblasting sandblasting

step 6 - powder painting

The sandblasted bed is consequently adjusted by powdery paints being fired
at 200° C in the furnace.

powder painting powder painting

step 7 - creating patina

The basic powdery paints can be enhanced by gold or silver patina applied
manually that createold surface effect.

patina patina

step 8 - check-up

Each bed is set together and checked-up. Than it is equipped with assembly
instructions, packed into the carton boxes, labeled and got ready for consignation.

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