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Forged furniture – IRON ART
Forged furniture – IRON ART
Forged furniture – IRON ART Forged furniture – IRON ART Forged furniture – IRON ART Forged furniture – IRON ART


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4 hints for good choice of bed

There are various types of iron beds at very different prices on the market. It is not easy to choose the good quality iron bed which would serve you long years without problems and not to pay more than you need. Therefore we have a few hints for you.

4 hints for good choice

1. Find out whether the bed is hand-made or it is machine work

Focus on decorative parts, especially spirals. If you find spiral endings that are not perfectly wrapped and worked, but on the contrary they look like as if being cut off or have a small welded bullet, the bed is probably machine work which has nothing to do with forging.

voluta konkurence   kovaná voluta IRON-ART

   machine work - competitors              hand work IRON-ART

2. Find out whether the bed is made from massive iron or bent tubes

Stand in front of the bed head and try to move it. If you feel like it is easy to fold it down or the bed is not solid enough, it is probably bed made from bent tubes. An important indicator is the weight of the bed. A hand forged bed made from solid iron should weight about 80 kg.

3. Find out whether the bed is going to creak

To sleep on a creaking bed and awake after smallest movement is really exhausting. Such creaking of iron bed is mostly caused by wrong connection of bed heads with sideboards or by labile construction. Machine produced beds often have CLICK-CLACK connection of heads and sideboards. These connections are similar to door hinges. The sideboard is set into the lock in the bed head, which is mostly tightened by one screw only. This lock loosens after some time and causes unpleasant creaking and clacking. IRON-ART beds have heads and sideboards connected together with screws and nuts. This ensures the maximum stability to our beds and restful sleep to our customers.

click-clack system click-clack system   screws and nuts screws and nuts

         CLICK-CLACK system - competitors                 our stabile connection using screws and nuts

4. General recommendations

Don´t buy iron beds at suspiciously low price. It would probably be a low-quality product from Far East. The warranty period can be an useful indicator as well. IRON-ART provides 10 years guarantee to the iron construction and stability of the bed. When buying new bed keep in mind, that it is your sleep and comfort what´s concerned. We wish you good choice.

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